Rock it


FW 2018 -19

Total look collections for the relaunch of the Topshop image for a girl who embodies the spirit and DNA of the brand.

The collection took inspiration from the Moroccan period of the Rolling stones in the late 60s. They moved to Morocco and spent the days at the Cafè Baba in Tanger with their clan to escape from the British law regarding drugs and alcohol. Referring to their bohemian way of life, the wardrobe created is eclectic and opulent.

Precious embroidery are mixed with tailoring jackets and leather garments; multiple patterns are mixed on fabrics and prints.

A gipsy/rock wardrobe which perfectly represent the clash between the British’s rock and the French’s glamour; a modern interpretation of the Rolling stones’ look of the Moroccan period but at the same time an update interpretation of the outfits of a young Kate Moss, which has been always seen as the perfect Topshop’s fashionista girl.